About Me

     [ CV ] 
      My name is Nikhil Chavan-Dafle.    
      I was born in Kolhapur, a beautiful town in south western part of Maharashtra state, India.
      I completed my schooling upto high school in Kolhapur. 
      For my undergraduate studies, I went to College of Engineering Pune.
      I majored in Mechanical Engineering and enjoyed working on mechanism design and robotics projects.
In Fall 2012, I came to the US for graduate studies. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in December 2013. While at CMU, I worked as a Graduate Student Researcher under the guidance of Prof. Matthew T. Mason in the Manipulation Lab (MLab) at the Robotics Institute, CMU. 
Currently, I am a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and working with Prof. Alberto Rodriguez at the Manipulation and Mechanisms Lab @ MIT (MCube Lab).
My best friend - dearest motivator - greatest idol : my Papa.
He always cherished my research endeavors and achivements. I am sure he will continue to do so from up there.